Howz it goin eh?

We’re Johnathan and Tatiana. Two prairie born Canadians that call Switzerland their home away from home. After 7+ years abroad we’ve had to be creative when it comes to comfort food and in the process we’ve learned that comfort food meals something different to everyone.

Chili und bieridee

Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2018


I’m Tatiana and that’s my husband of 10+ years Johnathan and we’re the two expats behind expat meals. We are Canadians who have been living in Switzerland for 7+ years.

Expat meals was born during a dinner party. Scratch that, it wasn’t a dinner party, we’re not that grown up. We just had some fellow expats over for chili and beer. Whenever a bunch of expatriates get together inevitably the conversation turns to food. Expats have a really interesting relationship with food I’ve found. Some of us jump in with both feet when it comes to embracing the local food culture of the country we find ourselves in. Others cling to things from home. When we get together we talk about the places we eat when we visit our home countries. Food we miss. Places where you can buy things from home locally. Ways we’ve substituted beloved ingredients. There is this camaraderie that happens over the search for peanut butter or missing greasy diner burgers that is something really special. And it’s not just us North American expats either. Johnathan and I work with people from all over the globe and we’re all talking about food from home with the same love and far off look in our eyes.

So during this chili and beer get together we were talking about the universal love of tacos. I explained how I make my own taco seasoning rather than buying the ones in the supermarket here one of our friends said, “You really should have a website about that kind of stuff.” We agreed and off Johnathan went to buy the domain.


We’ve had this idea for 2 years…for 2 years I’ve been saying I was going to do something with this domain and take that idea of expats and food and homes away from homes and expat food adventure and run with it. So here I am, actually doing something with this idea finally.

As of right now we’re still in content the development phase. We have a lot of ideas with a lot of lists and lots of “what if we…” I have been inundating Johnathan with random ideas like, “reubens…we should devote an entire post to our love of the reuben sandwhich…” Ideas are all well and good but the important next step is to actually do something with the ideas.

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks saying to Johnathan “I’m writing our first post!” and then staring blankly at a computer screen. I had forgotten how hard it is to just start things. So here I am, actually starting and running with some ideas and hoping the concept we fell in love with turns into something that other people, expats and non, fall in love with too.